Our Operation

Golden Grove is a VHMS (Volcanic Hosted Massive Sulphide) camp consisting of Gossan Hill and Scuddles underground mine operations
made up of 20+ individual sulphide lenses in three mineralised horizons.  Payable elements are copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver within
three distinct concentrate products.

Underground operations are contracted to Byrnecut Group Services, while current open pit operations have been contracted to a local independent mining operator.
Processing is undertaken by EMR Golden Grove as is maintenance and technical services, safety, environment and all other associated workings.

Ore is processed by crushing and grinding the ore to liberate the valuable minerals that contain the copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver. Ore throughput
is 1.3Mt per annum producing three separate saleable concentrate products; copper concentrate, lead and precious metals concentrate and zinc concentrate.
Concentration of valuable minerals occurs via standard froth flotation.

EMR Golden Grove Mining Site Operations Photo
EMR Golden Grove Mining Site Operations Photo

Concentrate products from Golden Grove are trucked to Geraldton and shipped directly to customers in locations across the globe.

As of June 30th 2017 Golden Grove global resources consist of 16.8Mt of zinc ore, 22.1Mt of copper ore, and 0.5Mt of Gold Oxide ore.
With a reserve of 6.1Mt of Zinc ore, and 6.0Mt of copper ore giving the operation 10 years of mine life in reserve alone.

Total EMR Golden Grove workforce is around 200 employees and approx. 300 contractors. Staff travel to the mine site from Perth and Geraldton and locally from Yalgoo. The site is serviced by flights directly to site from Geraldton and Perth via a sealed airstrip. Flights from Perth are approx. 1 hour in duration with planes arriving and departing from site every day of the working week.