Exploration Projects

EMR Golden Grove’s in-mine exploration program is focused on extending the current mine life of both the Gossan Hill and Scuddles mines through delineation and expansion of the current resources and reserves, whilst district exploration is working on both base metal and gold discovery potential in the region. The three main focuses of the exploration program are:

  • Resource Extension – focus on extending known Mineral Resources to increase current mine life through geological modelling, geophysical surveys, interpretation and drilling.
  • Near Mine – focus on testing priority targets in areas external to current resources that could feed into and expand the current mine plan through re-interpretation and modelling of existing datasets, geophysical surveys (radio wave imaging and down-hole electromagnetics), litho-geochemistry, structure/3D modelling and drilling.
  • District – two main streams, base metal and gold potential:
    • Base metals – focus on the Golden Grove Formation which hosts the Gossan and Scuddles mines as well as Gossan Valley, Flying Hi and Grassi resources; review existing datasets, and collect additional data through bottom of hole RAB sampling, combine with 3D structural model to generate a series of ranked drilling targets.
    • Gold – focus on the Warriedar, Windaning and Thundelarra Groups which host the Bald Hill, Pincer and Minjar Hill gold prospects. Program to review existing datasets and collect additional data through soil sampling and geological mapping. The enhanced datasets will be combined with 3D structural modelling to generate a series of ranked drilling targets.
EMR Golden Grove Training Photo

To ensure the greatest chance of delivering success, EMR Golden Grove’s exploration team is combining the extensive existing datasets with updated/enhanced geochemical and geophysical techniques and 3D structural modelling.

The current lease holdings host a number of highly prospective targets for both base metals and gold. Historic geophysical programs such as down-hole EM, air-borne EM, gravity and magnetics surveys have been combined with geochemical sampling, geological/structural mapping and various drill programs to outline these targets. Future exploration will build on these programs with a focus on litho-geochemistry and development of a lease wide 3D structural model outlining basin reconstruction and architecture. EMR Golden Grove believes the combination of the historic datasets and development of these exploration programs will advance a number of these target areas along with realising further potential within the lease holdings.

Resource Extension and Near Mine Exploration

Mineral resources are currently defined at Gossan Hill and Scuddles.

At Gossan Hill, ore bodies are structurally controlled, steeply plunging shoots found either within the hinges of upright isoclinal folds or dilatational zones between intrusions. At depth the orebodies remain open, fold geometry is poorly understood and intrusion models are poorly constrained due to the lack of drilling information. With enhanced understanding the potential for extending existing Resources and discovering new deposits is very high.   

At Scuddles, the main orebody is a series of sheared lenses with localised re-mobilisation and thickening occurring at the intersection point of intrusions and the host sequence.

The orebody is well constrained along strike but remains open at depth.